The people are the only legitimate fountain of power.
James Madison
Founding Father


Learn to take daily, imperfect, massive, productive, action toward our goal of restoring the Republic.

All political power is inherent in the people by decree of God, thus no power in government can exist without a grant of authority by the people. The only question that you should ask when the government tries to intrude on your fundamental liberty interests is to ask them #bywhatauthority and make them show you under the pains and penalties of perjury.

Will you learn to stand in your power, or will you bend a knee to tyranny?

About Us

Brave men and women were called upon in 1776 to resist a despotic king and defend the rights that their creators had bestowed upon them. They enumerated 27 complaints against him that rendered him a despot and vowed to sacrifice their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor in order to ensure that their descendants would enjoy the benefits of liberty.
Tyrants are committing the same crimes against the people as before, and history is being repeated. We are the modern generation of the thousands of Men and women who are being called, just as in 1776, to resist their betrayal and peacefully restore the republic.


Our nation was built upon the principles of natural law, which have their foundation in the will of God. Fundamental laws, or maxims, are established principles that are universally admitted as being correct statements of law and are agreeable to natural reason.

We educate the public about these fundamental principles of all law and the brilliant wisdom of the founders in order to empower the people to stand on these self-evident truths against tyranny.
The main object of government is the protection and preservation of personal rights, private property, and public liberties; upholding the law of God and every other function is an act of usurpation and oppression.

We show you how to assemble and give instructions to your representatives to strictly adhere to these fundamental principles whenever the government becomes destructive to these ends.


We need to learn history and the fundamental laws that we share in common. If you are not aware of the powerful, self-evident truths that are your birthright, who are you relying on to be a guardian of your liberty? We only lost power because we lost knowledge.


There is power in unity. When people are organized peacefully, massive change can take place. Let us gather in churches, pubs, and libraries and unite as one voice. It only took the signatures of 56 men to sign the Declaration of Independence.


We take daily, imperfect, massive, productive, action. Only after we require of our servants an exact observance of the fundamental principles of law, which is our right and duty, will we meet our goal of restoring the Republic.


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Exercise Your Unalienable Right To Alter Government.

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