The People’s Operation Restoration

United Call for Corrective Action


There is power in a whisper. Listen to it from “The Voice”, Morgan Freeman. Have you heard it? 

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Step 1

Understand Your Rights

Unlocking your potential to stand confidently in your rights begins with education. By immersing yourself in these informative sessions, you can gain a deeper understanding of the principles that underpin our legal system, enabling you to navigate confidently in matters concerning governance and individual liberties.

Visit to access a wealth of pre-recorded classes designed to empower you with knowledge about your rights and responsibilities.

Step 2

Transform into a "Walking Billboard of Truth"

Acquire official “By What Authority” shirts*, and gear* from These apparel items not only make a bold statement but also serve as powerful tools for initiating meaningful conversations and educating others. Wearing these shirts and displaying the flags proudly prompts inquiries and discussions about the foundational principles of our Republic. By prominently featuring the phrase "By What Authority," individuals are prompted to question the legitimacy of governmental actions that may encroach upon our rights and freedoms.

Step 3

Read and Understand the Notice

Dive deeper into your understanding of your rights and the power you hold as a citizen by downloading and thoroughly reading the Nationwide Notice entitled, “Lawful Notification of Corrective Action to Prevent Maladministration.” This document is a powerful way to prevent maladministration and uphold the principles essential to good governance. As you read through this Nationwide Notice, take the time to absorb its contents and allow its message to resonate deeply within you. Delve into the intricacies of the fundamental principles outlined within. These fundamental principles or maxims of law are chiefest in authority and universally admitted, as being a correct statement of the law, or as agreeable to natural reason. “A maxim is a proposition to be of all men confessed and granted without proofe, argument or discourse.” Id. 67a

Download the forms here in either Adobe (.pdf) or Microsoft Word (.doc) form.


Step 4

Join The Army of Light

Take a transformative leap towards being an active force for change by joining the Army of Light, an energetic coalition dedicated to reinstating the values of liberty and justice. Embrace the chance to enlist in this noble endeavor by affirming your dedication to upholding the principles that underpin our society. As a member of the Army of Light, you're not merely an individual, but part of a collective movement for positive transformation. Encourage others to join by spreading awareness and inviting them to take action alongside you. Together, we can illuminate the path towards a brighter future where justice prevails, and freedom thrives. By uniting with like-minded individuals who share our vision for a better world, you amplify your impact and contribute to a network of change-makers committed to making a difference. Through collaboration, solidarity, and unwavering resolve, we can overcome challenges and pave the way for a society built on principles of equality, integrity, and human dignity.

Step 5

Join Forces with Two Others

On April 24, 2024, we embark on a nationwide whisper campaign, mobilizing the people to place public servants on notice en masse. Our goal is to notify a minimum of 2.5 million public servants, achievable if each individual brings two witnesses who also send notices. Here's how we'll achieve our objective: • Currently, 1,800,000 individuals have joined the army of light. If just one-third of this army (594,000) brings two witnesses each, who also send notices, we'll reach 1,782,000 notices. • If one-third of these witnesses (392,040) bring two more witnesses each, resulting in additional notices, we'll total 2,566,080 notices sent. To prepare for this monumental event, print and fill out a notice for every public servant you aim to instruct. Encourage fellow citizens to join you by teaming up with two like-minded individuals. Together, you'll send a powerful message to public servants, reminding them of their duty to uphold the Constitution. Gather in diverse community spaces like churches, libraries, town squares, or taverns, ensuring representation from various backgrounds. Witness each other's messages as a symbol of solidarity and unity. Make copies of the original notices and safeguard them. Let's set aside our differences and unite for the greater good. Our strength lies in unity, and together, we wield the power to effect change.

Step 6

Find Out Who You Would Like To Send The Notice To.

To fill out the "Certification of Service" section of the notice, you need to list the recipients of the notice. To identify the appropriate recipients, you can use the website: Enter your location in the "Search by Address, Zip Code, or City" area to locate your representatives in both the United States Congress and your state legislature. At a minimum, please ensure you send a notice to your representative in the state legislature. Additionally, you have the option to send notices to any other officials, whether federal, state, or local, whom you deem relevant.

APRIL 24, 2024



Join us in a historic nationwide campaign on April 24, 2024, where individuals across the country will unite to deliver a powerful message to public servants. On this date, public servants at all levels of government will receive notices affirming the fundamental principles of our Republic.
The foundation of our nation was laid by the people themselves, who established the law through declarations and bills of rights long before the formation of government. These rights, inherent and unalienable, serve as the bedrock of our society. The duty of government is clear: to secure and protect these rights above all else.

Our Constitution stands as a firm barrier, confining government within the boundaries set by the people. It is a cage, restricting the power of government to the singular purpose of safeguarding our rights. Any action taken by government that deviates from this purpose is not just a breach of trust—it is treason against the very essence of our Republic.

Public servants are bound by oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, whether or not that oath is formally recorded. The fundamental law dictates that if they occupy a position of authority created by the people, they are duty-bound to respect and protect our rights. Should they attempt to infringe upon these rights, they can and will be removed from office and held accountable for their actions.

Join us on April 24, 2024, as we assert our rights, hold government accountable, and reaffirm the principles upon which our nation was founded. Together, we will remind public servants that they serve at the pleasure of the people, and that our rights are not negotiable.

Step 7

Email or Mail the Notice(s)

By now, you should have prepared the notices you wish to send and chosen the public servants to whom you'll send them. If you haven’t, please refer back to the instructions in the preparation stage of Phase 1. Today, April 24, 2024, marks "go day" – the day when people across America will unite and simultaneously mail these notices. In Phase 2, our voices will be heard, but for now, let's quietly deliver the message.

Copy and Mail Documents

  1. Make a copy of the original signed and witnessed “Lawful Notification of Corrective Action to Prevent Maladministration” for each recipient you have selected.
  2. Choose whether to either scan and email or mail copies to each person listed on the “Certificate of Service” page. Of course, you can do both and even choose to send by certified mail, but it is not necessary.
  3. Do not send the original signed document. Instead, keep it in a safe place along with a copy and all receipts for your records.






“Putting pen to paper lights more fire than matches ever will.”
Malcolm Forbes

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