Our Founding Documents Workshop

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Our Founding Documents: Lesson 1: The Road to Independence

In this lesson, we will learn about the causes of the revolution, the documents that paved the way to independence, the idea of natural law, and the Creation Doctrine.

Our Founding Documents: Lesson 2: The Declaration of Independence

We’ll dissect the Declaration of Independence today. You’ll start to understand how much power the founders gave you and why the government has worked so hard to prevent you from knowing about it.

Our Founding Documents: Lesson 3: The U.S. Constitution Article I, § 1 - 3

We’ll look at the Preamble to the Constitution, Article I, Sections 1-3, and discover a mnemonic to assist us to remember the Constitution’s Seven Articles as well as its structure.

Our Founding Documents: Lesson 4: The U.S. Constitution Article I, § 4 - 7

We will go deeper into Article I and go into the legislative body’s elections, penalties, and constraints on their office, as well as how a bill becomes statutory law.

Our Founding Documents: Lesson 5: The U.S. Constitution Article I, § 8 - 10

The 18 enumerated powers of the legislative branch will be discussed in Section 8 of this lesson, along with how Congress has used fictitious acts of legislation to oppress the people; Section 9 will look at the stated restraints on Congressional power; and Section 10, which concludes Article I, forbids each State from using particular Federal Powers.

Our Founding Documents: Lesson 6: U.S. Constitution Articles II & III

We’ll examine Articles II and III, which deal with the qualifications and authority of the executive and judicial branches, respectively.

Our Founding Documents: Lesson 7: U.S. Constitution Articles IV - VII

In this lesson, we will analyze Articles IV, V, VI & VII where we will explain how the Constitution can be altered, how it was adopted and where it is written that it is the highest law of the land.

Our Founding Documents: Lesson 8: Your Enumerated Rights & The Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the Constitution, will be covered in detail today. We’ll also talk about certain state declarations of rights and emphasize that all political power is inherent in the people.

Our Founding Documents: Lesson 9: Amendments to the Constitution

In this lesson, we will examine the remaining 17 amendments to the Constitution.

Our Founding Documents: Lesson 10.1: How to Stand in Your Power-Lawful Notification Letters

In this last lesson, we will put all you have learned together so that you can use the information to Stand in Your Power. You will learn lawful ways in which you can instruct your representatives or hold public officials accountable.

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